29th November 2018

ID Card System Maintenance, scheduled 5 years ago

Due to lingering issues, the CS Gold ID Card system will be down for maintenance from 6:30am to 7am Friday 11/30/2018.

During this outage, there will be no connections to UGRYD, Get, Micros (Dining Services), or Ratex (Textbook Services and Bookstore). Vending, Laundry, and Printing readers will function with coin/cash only (or credit card where applicable). Aeros and Turbos will be non- functional. Some Aeros and Turbos may collect data from swipes, but this is dependent on configuration of the individual reader. Door access should continue as scheduled and expected, but Access Monitor will be unavailable. No door access changes can be made during the outage as the GUI will be down as well. Mobile ID will not function during the outage either.